Oct 22 Propagating and planting tree seeds for woodland creation projects By Rich

This wonderful day with Colin Carpenter at the Community Tree Trust offers the opportunity to learn how to collect and plant a variety of native British tree seeds to grow your tree saplings for future planting projects.

Propagating and planting tree seeds for woodland creation projects Ref E5

Tuesday 26 October Location: Cranfield, Bedfordshire

Facilitator: Colin Carpenter, Community Tree Trust *

Based at a recently established woodland created using seed from an ancient woodland SSSI, this day provides an opportunity to learn from the experiences of the Community Tree Trust, a successful community initiative. The benefits of seed collection and planting over natural regeneration and direct seeding will be considered and a nursery visit will provide hands-on experience of propagation techniques including seed collection, cleaning and processing, planting out and introducing ground flora.

For more details, lease contact:

Claire McCorquodale
Training Administrator

Flora Locale
Postern Hill Lodge

T. 01672 515723

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