Oct 15 Traditional Earthburn on Ashdown Forest By Rich

Update 15/10/2010

There is a short video explaining the earth burn available on the High Weald AONB website.

The Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group held a ‘Coppice Week’ on Ashdown Forest last month.  Coppice group members, the public and other interested parties enjoyed workshops held by some of the leading craftsmen in the country.


The Earthburn

Chestnut hurdle making, oak swill basketry, tent peg making, alder clog making, hazel hurdle makng and besom broom demonstrations were all well attended.  The week concluded with the the ‘unearthing’ of the charcoal burn, lead by Alan Waters.  Many weary eyed charcoal makers showed us what a tough life it would have been working the woods in days gone by.   Stuart Meier, captured some  great moments from the burn which lasted 3 days    http://tinyurl.com/3adbpmz

Shots of the other crafts taking place over the week are also posted here.

Please email Stuart if you would like to use any of the pictures (c) Stuart Meier ([email protected]) 2010

Lookout for an article in Living Woods magazine out shortly.

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